Welcome to IDEAL

Our School is based on the motto 'Wisdom is never defeated'. It inclucates the basics of knowledge that in turn leaves the students wise. Our school never idles itself in just teaching but incorporates various strategies of coaching to enhance better understanding.

No doubt our students will go out of our school with their dreams having come true.

Thiru. K.Sivalingam - Founder of IDEAL


This temple of knowledge was founded by the one and only Thiru Ideal K.SIVALINGAM M.A., M.A., M.A., a well known philanthropist and Educaionalist. His dedicated and selfless service to the Society in nuturing the 'future of India' is his dream and vision and this has been his nature for the past 27 years.

His experience has moulded minds in multitudes. He is second to none in such dedicated service that his institutions are much sought after.